Design for design's sake

Hi. I'm Thomas and I'm a designer.  As a writer, I've had the great opportunity to work with some amazing designers and art directors. A natural outgrowth from those collaborations is that I've developed a keen eye for what works, and what doesn't, in a design. I've also Photoshoped my way into some logos, icons, and other such tinkerings. That being said, my designs are often sharing a status with my projects—constantly Works in Progress. 

The vast majority of the below are approached enthusiastically and rarely on a professional basis— simple little palate cleansers and personal projects. 

Old Speak Creative logo

A simple exercise in type. I like that that S is housed in the O, giving it a more complete feel. It fits with the idea that words are interwined and ingrained in our lives—vital when needed yet seamless enough to blend in. 

Roses & Mustard Gas

An ongoing project, Roses & Mustard Gas attempts to reimagine Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse Five through a visual plotting of the book's notoriously disordered chronology. All the work that I've done has a direct relation to an aspect of the book—some more obvious than others.  I started with an overall brand for the project that references a whiskey bottle label. 

The Misc. Designs

Some that I've just played around with. Others that have ended up on a t-shirt or two. A lot of Atl-Centric design at the moment.