"In your heart you’d prefer to stick to Oldspeak, with all its vagueness and its useless shades of meaning. "

In George Orwell's 1984, the English language is in the process of being destroyed. Created by the authoritarian Party, Newspeak is the "the only language in the world whose vocabulary gets smaller every year." By limiting the ability to communicate, the Party limits the ability to think. Oldspeak, together with Oldthink, represent the past and are some of the last vestiges of freedom.

It's with the resistance to Newspeak in mind that I created Oldspeak Creative. See, good writing isn't just about the words used—it's about the clear, concise, and sincere message that's communicated. It's my goal, in whatever medium I'm working in, to create the most engaging and genuine message possible.


Hi. I'm Thomas. I'm a writer, photographer, and random project maker. 

I love doing my best to illustrate the world around me. Be it through words, photos, music - you name it. I love trying to make sense of of the vagueness and shades of meaning. 

Poke around, see if anything jumps out at you. Got any questions or think there's a project we can work on together? Give me a shout and let's making something awesome.